If you've come here to buy a classic car for 100 dollars, you've come to the right place.

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how this idea came to fruition.

First of all, my name is Lloyd Oliver, co-founder of this enterprise and an avid car enthusiast since the age of 16.

I now find myself at the age of 74, experiencing difficulty getting in and out of my sports cars. Reluctantly, I’ve decided it was time for me to find them another home. Preferably, the home of someone who would appreciate and care for them as I have.

In collaboration with several other car enthusiasts, we developed this concept. Whereby, another car enthusiast who may not be able to afford a classic car, would have the opportunity to acquire one for $100.00.

The only requirement being, the first to submit the correct answers to our questions; questions may refer to the model’s historical trivia and the offered classic car in particular, questions are not technical in nature.

As a team we concluded those who were willing to research and become knowledgeable about a particular car's trivia tended to care for and appreciate it even more. Requiring answers to our questions does help in finding the best fit for our cars.

To reach the reserve to sell our cars for $100.00, we are selling a photo of the said car for $19.95. One is not required to purchase the photo to submit answers. However, some of the questions will pertain to this individual photo of the car.

In addition, we are offering a photo that depicts the last official image of this particular classic car, before being offered for sale. 

This photo is a beautiful 4 x 6 suitable for framing. This classic car will be the least expensive of this model, to be sold in the world. The price of this photo is free with the purchase of the first photo and is a different image of the car. (Conversation piece)

Every participant will have a substantial amount of time to research the classic car they may have an interest in purchasing for $100.00.

The proceeds from the sale of the photos will hopefully meet the amount of the reserve, at which point the car will be sold for $100.00. It would be a good idea to spread the word to help ensure the reserve is met.

Purchasing a photo for a friend, who happens to be a car enthusiast would make a nice and inexpensive gift. Especially if they find themselves in the position to purchase a classic car for $100.00

Keep coming back to this website to view any added classic cars being offered.

Each classic vehicle will remain in the campaign for a minimum of 183 days. Vehicle may only be withdrawn from the campaign after 183 days if the reserve has not been reached. If the reserve has been met, the vehicle will be sold for $100.00.

The option remains, to extend the length of the campaign to reach the reserve. The start
date and ending date of each campaign will be listed on each individual vehicle’s page.

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