Important Information


Reserve price: We maintain the option to extend the duration of any campaign in the event the reserve price has not been met. In addition, the ability to withdraw said vehicle after 6 months after the start of the campaign, if the reserve price has not been met.

Our reserve price is consistent with our car’s appraised values.

Definitive answers to questions: In the classic car industry, it is nearly impossible to ascertain with 100 percent certainty that any answer is 100 percent correct.

Therefore, our definitive, correct answers will be based on our beliefs, and in our collection of responses from technicians, longtime classic car collectors, and officially released information.

The buyer of each particular vehicle must complete an affidavit attesting to the fact they have never owned the model vehicle they would like to purchase. Owning such a vehicle in the past gives one an unfair advantage over others who have not owned the same model vehicle. Owning such vehicles in the past constitutes being disqualified from purchasing the same from us.

The purchase of any car photo entitles you to just that and only that. Further obligation on our part will have ended upon the receipt of your photo. Except in the case whereby, you are purchasing any vehicle from us for $100.

The first non-disqualified person submitting the correct answers to our questions allows that person the option to purchase a pre-designated vehicle for the price of $100.00.

No person may purchase more than one vehicle from us, now or in the future.

Our potential liability for any mechanical problems after the purchase of each vehicle will be limited to the amount paid for the vehicle. However, there is the option to return the vehicle for a complete refund of the price paid.

While it is not mandatory to purchase any photo, to participate in any particular campaign. We do remind you that some of the questions to be answered will be derived from the photo.

To register without purchasing any of the photos, email us at: "Registration, Without, Purchase , @ , ZOHO. COM", with your legal name, phone number, and which campaign you are registering for.

To email us please remove all commas and spaces between words in the email address.

Submitting answers: (Limit) Each participant’s legal name will be used as the registration code. Participants may submit answers once per code, for each vehicle they are interested in purchasing. When purchasing photos as a gift, the recipient of said gift, name must be used to register, even though you are purchasing the gift.

Multiple answers submitted using the same code will invalidate that particular code.

All pertinent dates are outlined with the information on each vehicle.

Publicity: Purchasers of vehicles consent to having their name, and their photo, including their home state for our promotional purposes, without further payment or consideration.

Transport: It will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser to arrange for transport or pick up. In addition, bearing any expense which that may entail.

No person or entity associated with “How to buy a classic car for 100 dollars” or their immediate family members are eligible to purchase any vehicle we may offer for sale.

Correct answers and the time of submission will be verified by a non-affiliated entity, via affidavit.

In the event you purchased one of our vehicles for $100, you will incur a tax liability if you resell within one year, (Short term capital gains). If you resell after one year (Long term capital gains), you may or may not incur a tax liability depending on your net income in the year of the sale. Please consult a tax professional before reselling.

In the event that you have ordered photos and for whatever reason did not receive them, please notify us and we will check our records and if you are registered, we will resend them at no cost to you. You may email us at,

C, O, N, T, A ,C, T, @, H, O, W, T, O, B, U, Y, A, C, L, A, S, S, I, C, C, A, R, F, O, R, 1, 0, 0, D, O, L, L, A, R, S. C, O, M

Please remove all spaces between letters and delete the commas to email us.

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